Testimonials: Bike Fitting

"February! Prs in February!! Go Tim Gresh!"

"I'm so thrilled at my condition, especially for February. Rode some PRs out there, today! February! Prs in February!! Go Tim Gresh!"

Peter Crooke, 59, endurance road cyclist and coach for Team CMMD Cycling, Downingtown, PA

The single best investment I've made in my training

I wish I had gone to Tim years ago and got fit. The single best investment I've made in my training.

Clint Dager, USCF Category 2 Road Racer, Newark, DE

Tim's attention to detail is paramount during the whole process

I just got the best bike fit from GreshFit. Tim's attention to detail is paramount during the whole process. I will go nowhere other then GreshFit!

Todd Wenger, 50, USCF Masters Road Racer, Garnet Vally, PA

I felt more in control of my bike, I was more balanced, and I rode stronger

A chance meeting with Tim led me to believe that some minor issues I was having, once I worked up to 100 miles per week, could be corrected through a bike fitting. Prior to the fitting, I was uncomfortable riding for long periods in the drops, I often had to consciously make my left leg work evenly with my right, and I was experiencing some upper & lower back discomfort on longer rides.
This was all corrected after the first fitting session and 2 additional test saddle follow-up sessions. I immediately noticed a difference the first ride I went on after my bike fit session. I felt more in control of my bike, I was more balanced, and I rode stronger. I was able to ride in the drops for miles. My left leg had no choice but to work in sync with my right leg, and I was able to ride one gear higher on climbs. My fitness & strength improved incredibly. My new position on the bike allowed me to breathe better which led to quicker recovery after tough climbs and long sprints. Two follow-up test-saddle sessions led to the end of lower back discomfort.
I'm now a true believer that anybody wanting to invest in a good road bike, should get properly fitted to the bike prior to hitting the road.
Kevin Campbell, 43, year-round recreational road cyclist, West Chester, PA.

"I’ve been biking for 20+ years now and I always thought If I feel ok on the bike, then I’m probably ok. Not the case."

If you don’t think time with Tim is worth it, you’re wrong. I’ve been biking for 20+ years now and I always thought “If I feel ok on the bike, then I’m probably ok.” Not the case. I feel completely at home on my bike after four hours with Tim. No more pain, anywhere, I have a more efficient pedal stroke, my arms are relaxed, my breathing is better, my power transfer is improved, my climbing is quicker. Do not mistake the fit you got from the place you bought your bike as the same experience. The key is: I feel better on my bike, therefore I want/can ride more, therefore I get stronger.”

Gibbs Tolsdorf, 39, recreational road cyclist, West Chester, PA
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"Tim's approach has made me a healthier, stronger, more consistent rider"

"I have spent much of my life connected to the cycling world and Tim's approach is like none other that I have ever come across. He overcame many challenges himself biomechanically on the bike and uses that empathy and understanding in his holistic approach to understand the relationship between the asymmetric body and the perfectly machined bike. I have many asymmetries in my form and that has led to injuries with tendonitis over the years. Tim was able to find out that despite being right handed, my body performs in a way that is left side dominant, over performing and causing an imbalance in my form. To him, the signs were everywhere. To me, it finally made sense, and he was able to adjust my bike to compensate for those imbalances in my output. My body has continued to change over the years and Tim has been able to tweak the bike to grow with me. Tim's approach has made me a healthier, stronger, more consistent rider, and that has been a lot of fun to experience. Thanks Tim"!

Jordan Bush, 27, recreational road cyclist, New Holland, PA

"I left with a number of changes and tweaks that I would have never thought of myself"

"Taking up cycling after years of competitive weightlifting left me with a wide and strange array of muscular imbalances that often caused pain on and off of the bike.  After spending 2 years getting fitted by every fit system (BG Fit, Retul, WobbleNaught, Serotta) and reading everything I could on the matter the pains never went away.  I would change one parameter only to make problems worse or have something else pop up.  After a lot of frustration I contacted Steve Hogg, who recommended that I take the trip up to Tim from Washington, DC.
I was attracted to Tim's methodology because its simple (this is not to say that anyone can do it), effective, and emphasizes balance and stability over all else.  There's no way for a rider to be comfortable and efficient if they're using excess energy bracing and straining themselves on every pedal stroke.  Our initial fit lasted close to 3.5 hours and I left with a number of changes and tweaks that I would have never thought of myself.  Tim's advice went against everything my previous fitters had told me, but it all made sense.
I immediately felt more balanced and powerful on the bike.  In fact, I was now pain free for the first time ever and ended up making the mistake of ramping up my riding too fast and ended up having to back off!  Not having to recover from tweaks and injuries made long and tough training rides easy.  I'm also a numbers person and immediately noticed how much more comfortable higher power outputs felt and the difference in overall efficiency after the fit.
Tim has also provided incredible follow-up service from our original fit.  I switched frames and saddles since my first fit and had trouble dialing them in, but a quick visit got things back exactly where they should be.  The service and results speak for themselves and I would highly encourage those looking at getting a bike fit to seek out Tim's service.  There's simply no replacement for a smart, well thought out methodology that prioritizes what matters for having a comfortable and efficient cycling experience."
Karsten Walker, 26, USCF Category 2 road racer, Washington, D.C.

"I'm now looking forward to each and every ride"

 (2-weeks post Bike Fit)

"My neck and shoulder pain, which is the main reason I came to see Tim, is about 80-90 percent gone. It's still there after a long ride but is bearable and actually a good reminder to me to relax my shoulders and release some tension in general.

The really interesting thing is all of the other positive changes that were unanticipated:

-First of all I love the compact handlebars Tim recommended for me. I'm riding much more in the drops now, it's easy to reach the brakes/shifters and they are very comfortable.

-My pedal stroke feels much more even throughout each revolution, especially when climbing seated. It's easier for me to maintain a relatively constant pressure from the top to the bottom of each stroke without much of the start/stop jerkiness that I had before.

-I'm able to ride much more in the large chainring. Maybe 50/50 now instead of 40/60 before the fit.

-I've also noticed that on flats, when I sit up straight and take my hands off the bars to stretch or eat/drink, the front end feels much less twitchy. I don't have to be on constant alert and just feel more evenly balanced over the frame".

Overall everything feels more effortless, like I'm getting more power to the pedals without working any harder.  The bike now rides, handles and feels the way I always imagined it would when I bought it.  Thanks again for an expert fit.  It was money well spent and I would highly recommend Tim's services to any rider who is having fit issues.

I'm now looking forward to each and every ride.

John Caldwell, 61, Recreational road cyclist, Lancaster, PA