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Unload some of that old equipment collecting dust in the garage…

Here’s how it works:

Leave used bike equipment at the studio for consignment sale between now and March 31st.  Used equipment is currently limited to items with a value over $100 such as wheels, frames, complete bikes, stationary trainers, and some electronics.  If the item sells, you have one of the following options:
  • 85% store credit for GreshFit services after item sells
  • 70% cash after item sells (via PayPal)
Don’t want to wait for your item to sell?  You also have the choice to trade outright for instant store credit on services.  This will be based on negotiated value, and perfect for folks who prefer to flip their equipment for instant credit toward Fall/Winter training and/or bike fittings.


Drop-off is available every Tuesday and Thursday 4-8pm.  Please contact Tim Gresh at or 717.917.8620 with any questions, or to coordinate an alternate drop-off time.  Space is limited!