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Seven Cycles Factory Tour

My tour of the Seven Cycles factory
Since 2005, I have been fitting people on bikes, and for the last six years have been doing it professionally at my studio in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  To date, I’ve been retrofitting riders to their own bikes, because if your bike is in the ballpark in terms of ideal size or geometry, there’s enough adjustability with the various parts (stem,…

Bike Fit Arsenal: Rock ‘N’ Roll Spin Scan

ne of my recent quests has been to acquire a side-to-side rocking bike trainer to replace the Computrainer currently used on my bike fitting platform.  The reason is simple: more realistic rider motion that mimics two-wheeled balancing on the road.  It also aids in seeing functional asymmetries which i’ll talk about in a later post.  The sticking point was that I prefer to keep core softwar…

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