Fall & Winter Programs

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First-time visit is FREE for new athletes by signing up online for any of the posted time slots.
November 2nd  – March 29th, 2018
Starting November 2nd, the studio will feature a full schedule of base training workouts.  During this time of year most riders cannot safely do weekday outdoor training.  As an alternative, cycling indoors at the studio will assure adherence to a training schedule, will maintain fitness, and will provide motivation.
Monday/Tuesday will feature Leg Speed Intervals (lower resistance, higher cadence), while Wednesday/Thursday will feature Muscle Strength Intervals (higher resistance, lower cadence).   Both workout types also feature unique pedaling symmetry drills developed in association with Chiropractor and movement specialist Dr. Joe Zappy.
It is recommended that members participate in two training sessions per week – either Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday, or Monday/Thursday.  Why?  To avoid injury and optimize the benefits of training, riders should plan at least one day of recovery between workouts.  In addition, the schedule is designed to ensure class variety, so strength training compliments speed training.
Leg Speed
Leg Speed
Muscle Strength
Muscle Strength
6:30, 9:30 6:30, 930
6:00 5:00 & 6:30 6:00
5:00 & 6:30


Payment Options
*Winter Weekday Interval Series* $480
  • Date range: Jan 2 – March 30
  • Allows 2 classes per week for 12-weeks
  • $20 per class rate
  • 40% off single drop-in visits for weekend use
  1. 3 monthly installments of $165 (emailtim@greshfit.com to have this set up)
  2. $480 one time BUY NOW
  3.  40% discount on single drop-in credits for impromptu weekend classes (when outdoor temperature drops below 45 degrees).
Since not everyone can maintain two classes per week between Monday and Thursday, the following options are available to allow flexible drop-in visits for any time slot including weekends.
*Block of 4*
  • $85 BUY NOW
  • 30-day expiration
  • Pay as you go
*Single Drop-in*